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 [Vends] Vinyls à vendre ou troker selon cas !

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Date d'inscription : 18/04/2006

MessageSujet: [Vends] Vinyls à vendre ou troker selon cas !   Mar 18 Avr - 18:41

Salut voici une liste de disques vinyles que je vends ou troke selon les cas..n'hésitez pas à me contacter des écoutes sont possibles par winamp et msn... smile
Ces disques sont tous en bon état d'occasion (certains neufs précisés)je suis très méticuleux ladessus pas de problème! En ce qui concerne les prix ils varient selon les pièces tout en restant très raisonnables (je ne suis pas le père noel non plus) je peux donc livrer en collissimo suivi sous 48h pour un montant de 5.40€ de 1 à 3 disques (plus me contacter) wink


-elektrik addikt 02 by noisebuilder et rakam (neuf)
-repress labrat audiochemicals vol.2 (2dispos neufs)
-mask 01 "who's behind the mask.1"
-labrat re-editions vol.2 (reedition facom unit01) (2 exemplaires)
-passe muraille 13 par ubald
-passe muraille 17 by 69dB
-dj mezzo vinyl off 01
-eitek recordings 02 dj mezzo
-elegal electronics 8 by the technical sinner & dj housewife (membres des spiral tribe)
-fky & bzar micromachine v3
-fky rebus 01
-fky rebus 03
-fky okupe crue "unplugged on mars"
-fky electro lab factory 002
-infraktion 01 (sample ketamine ketamine...)
-infrabass 08 (hern vs aiwax & mike vs tone)
-infrabass 09
-infrabass 02
-infrabass 03
-infrabass 04
-infrabass 00
-protoprod 04 (krotal vs david green)
-avoine records 02 (aiwax vs hern)
-alchimyst 02
-infrabass hpr 009
-msd 01 tekablok by ascender & kinner
-ideal chimik 03 by mem pamal
-kromosom 21 y.01
-kromosom 21 y.02
-contrarotative 01
-contrarotative 04
-contrarotative 05
-isotope 09 Jano
-isotope 013 various
-isotope 015 Jano
-isotope 016 acetone
-sycomor 06
-sycomor 07
-v nerf rage 01 by kepa la pierre
-mars assault 05
-mars assault 003-65b scatiphonik myriapode (skeud rouge)
-leima 01 toon
-cyanogene 01
-linkd 01 bourcoipa
-zorp la caste 000
-random records 001 (c-cil facom)
-lsdf 2002
-lsdf 2003
-mst 004 niko karbon14
-jean marc f 002
-kal 01
-kal 02
-naoned trax 02
-Gazole 6 "pssadena ep" by Gelstat
-gazole 018 low key
-gazole 03 double face
-gazole 02 crystal distortion
-usr 02 zuma sound system
-tekablok msd 01 ascender & kinner
-perce-oreille 24


-hangars liquides 18
-sans pitié 03 "son of samael"
-the third mouvement 0035
-ruffneck classic 009
-stryktnik's records 001
-elite forces (forze records 028) fear of death
-ruffneck classic 009 "to kill us you must know us"
-promo (the third movement 035) "the killing fields 2"
-onu 03
-crush core 01 enthrall
-crush core 02 mysogine machine "menstrual vomiting ep"
-freakshow v1.1 opaque vs doctor butcher md "the dark "ep
-constant mutation 3lp (deathchant)
-deathchant 2lp anti ebay weapon
-deathchant 28
-neurotoxic 06 radium "abject e9 ep"
-neurotoxic 07 goetia "gauterize the church council ep"
-night school records 003
-psychik genocide 01 dj radium
-psychik genocide 03 androgyn network
-psychik genocide 04 radium "private life ep"
-psychik genocide 05 al core
-psychik genocide 06 producer vs hellfish
-psychik genocide 07 fst forward "ketamin runnin along my brain"
-psychik genocide 08 dj radium "vice machine ep"
-psychik genocide 09 hellfish vs micropoint
-psychik genocide 05 alcore (2 exemplaires)
-psychik genocide 10 hardcoholics "bionic taste ep"
-psychik genocide 11 deadface "evil side ep"
-psychik genocide 12 the speed freak "smokers delight ep"
-psychik genocide double lp 03 androgyn network
-headfuck 014 dunderhead "dh2 ep"
-headfuck 012 dunderhead "scream"
-epileptik 011 traffik
-epiteth al core double lp "body hammer"
-epiteth radium "full metal ep"
-virtual pulse 001 by celsius (tuerie mythique)
-pacemaker 002 bryan fury vs samy
-red tide records 02 massdriver


-intec 03 marcoe bailey "play it back"
-double lp by joey beltram close grind jb3 long player
-jeff mills "tomorr w" sur axis (axis-1 1icon_cool
-salvation records (save01) "point blank"
-amato distribution (am1) john creamer and prince quick mix "fuck sonnet"
-sind records 004 dj ron "schwerin ep"
-torque 002 mindtours
-solid recordings limited edition 009.5
-shr 04 double lp
-futur frontier 03
-futur frontier 06
-futur frontier 012
-futur frontier 013
-subsounds 012 mark verbos "compulsive personnality ep"
-subsounds 013 dj argonic "verf ep"
-kombination research 004
-planet of drum 03 "acid over manhatan"
-cluster 20
-hybrid hp 1202 cari lekebusch
-foxx "minix ep" 1996
-swop records 12001 streetworker "chemical cube"
-jind records dj ron "schwerin ep"
-re-load records 982109 dj valium "tropical adventures ep"


-thievery corporation "babylon rewund" double lp
-dj shadow "lesson 4"
-dj shadow vs keane 10" we might as well be strangers
-dj vadim "ussr" the art of listening -double lp rare!!
-ninja tune zen 1020 double maxi limited 10" by Dj Food "a dub plate of food"
-prodigy "fat of the land"
-lcd soundsystem "daftpunk is playing at my house" album version+soulwax &
shibuya mix sur emi music
-slam "year zero" sur soma
-funki porcini "hed phone sex" sur ninja tune 3x12"
-silen!o records jefferson "nobody but him" remixes by oscar and dj cam
-distance (di1331/md831) alton miller "rhythm exposed" 2x12"
-distance (di1516/md401) bernard badie feat. donna blasingame "in love"
-llorca "with lady bird, my precious thing" sur Fcommunication
-luke slater "wireless" sur lslp 2x12"
-solar sides "round midnight" sur apricot records & wagram music (wag110)2x12"
-ralphi rosario sur shr(stritcly hype recordings) afterhours "45 miles of
neves" 3x12"
-omnisounds flashmen "hard up"
-laplage records soultronic "get on the bus" 2x12"
-tiresias sur anvil records (anv04) "mules & firehydrants"
-the force "non stop action" prod by kay bee & jw
-fragments records (frag001) metropolis ep by shawn lee
-mouthful music "beatz flows & hoez" producenterna
-funky people feat.cassio ware mix by klubhead & masters at work sur nitemove
-ruffneck feat.yavahn "all that jazz" sur MAW records
-consortium records macho cat garage "the muffler strut"
-curtis "worldwide" remixs by felix da housecat, si begg & interstallar
-model 500 be brave original+françois k remix
-catch rare 2 sweat "underground vibe"
-fat! records (ctfat001) peacemaker "crisis"
-cunt records (cunt12 001) alicia (white trash)bostock "la crise économique
c'est fantastique".
-olive la founta électro groove (remix santana)


-alexkid sur Fcom "don't hide it"
-ignore the beat "my body can't ignore the beat"
-skylark sur feel the rhythm "that's more like it"
-004 bis sur bossley recordz limited edition remix"shady-lady" remixs by marcos
brother, manu le malin, crystal distortion, play paul
-le petit prince 97/54 x-pact
-demonia "i wish" sur international records
-goodlife 03 "hot disco cakes" ep F'N'M
-independance records r.rivera's grooves "funk-a-faction" benny benassi mix &
robbie rivera mix
-plastic city (plax07-6) "the timewriter"
-pro-zak trax (10106) plaisir de France "suave tempo"
-kitsuné love by dj gregory "attend" (1&2 version)
-fiat lux sexy kool "kool vibration"
-fiat lux studio nova feat sommer trella
-junior jack "the remixes" vol.1
-junior jack stupidisco lee cabrera & john knight remixes (part 2 of 2 vinyl set)
-defected in the house eivissa'04 part1 2x12"
-Dmost rated***** defected part02 2x12"
-moody recordings k-alexi "solid soul"
-the underground techno sound of sweden sur dunka "hardclubbing4"
-residual recordings (008) purveyors of fine funk
-city boy records (cbr0013) eddie "old school" fowlkes
-jark prongo part3 of 4 maxi
-sound city "dancin' beat fr1dge records
-royal drums (drum002) by richard grey "tribal man, natural voodoo"
-filthy gold (fg001) haris & paul g
-funky chocolate 01 "supersoul deluxe, black coffee"
-cider jr-lets go disco
-formidable force. by huggy&atnarko 2020 vision vis083
-neurhythmics recordings london (nr003) juergen junker "what she stands for"
-house trade records "fizz" prod and mix by antoine clamaran
-ski(oakenfull) wheredidthelovego?
-full house records (fh005) busta funk featuring suga' pops "love can't turn
-noise traxx powa project "i try (so hard)"
-thee liaisons scenario* "4 he is coming"
-forced recordings 003 "berardi marino"
-jazz in the house 6 featuring blaze, rainer truby trio, bah samba
-tiesto suburban train picture disk
-tiesto adagio for strings picture disk
-tiesto lethal industry picture disk
-tiesto flight 643 picture disk
-606 track tr606 freddie fresh
-africanism "amour kefe" produced by bob sinclar
-coldcut hotplate 6 "people hold on"
-cassius & jocelyn brown promo copy "i'm a woman"

instrus et séquences scratch rares (utilisées par Qbert dj shadows dj food) pures
plaques récentes et neuves

*dj qbert:
-needle trashers 2
-dj flare headshrinker
-super seal
-needle thrashers alpha
-toasted marshmellow
-needle thrashers gamma
-deluxe shampoo
-gag seal


-militia "music for the masses" double ep charge recordings 019 - 2003
-v recordings (v-015) die "play it for me/soul"
-v recordings (v-010) roni size "fashion/step up"
-v recordings (v-009) krust "poison/set speed"
-v recordings (v-019) roni size "soul power/run"
-v recordings (v-06) krust "jazz note 1/burning"
-v recordings (v-011) roni size "phizical/timestretch"
-full cycle records (fcy033) roni size "snapshot 3"
-full cycle records (fcy056) roni size "remixes"
-full cycle records (fcy045) roni size "playtime"
-sponge records 002 don't panic


-independance records ir0408 tiesto "loves somes again"
-independance records ir0420-20 B benassi & robbie rivera "funk a faction" (2exemplaires)
-benny benassi presents the biz "no matter what you do"
-benassi bros "pumphonia" double lp
-country western (cw004) singularity by brian douglas
-the carl cox & paul van dyk mix "tenth chapter/prologue sur jackpot
-carl cox "phuture 2000"
-activa records (act044) dj act "qt13"
-juno reactor sur blue room (br041) godiscog
-cylone lord of the land (lord01)
-jerk records (jerk2004-27) shotgun "machine can die"
-bonzai trance progressive (btp-105-2004) airwave "boredom"
-basic beat dj deeon "akceier8"
-smitten srx 3 purge
-brain recordings 16
-redweed 004 from the edge
-boscaland 30 a nice place to live "the weathermen"


-kaltone (rencontre d'hightone et de kaly live dub)maxi rare!!
-sizzla "da real thing" album
-bob marley and the wailers "legend" the best of
-pablo moses "live to live"
-santana "marathon"
-santana "freedom"


-herbie hancock the blue note series la399 double lp


-david bowie: china girl-absolute beginners-aladdin sane-heroes-low-lets dance
-simple minds "in the city of light" double lp
-mickael jackson: bad-billie jean
-ac-dc: -flick of the switch-for those about to rock


-magma 01 "kobaia" pièce rare mythique!!!
-jeff beck "truth"
-king crimson "usa" live rare
-camel "i can see your house from here"

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Nombre de messages : 2
Date d'inscription : 22/10/2005

MessageSujet: salut   Ven 21 Juil - 20:51

salut moi je suis bien interesser par tes iso sauf le 16 et par ton jean marc f contact moi stp a karlos23@hotmail.fr c est mon mails msn
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[Vends] Vinyls à vendre ou troker selon cas !
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